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The Gift of Space

Imagine I’ve given you a gift. It’s wrapped in a beautiful green box with a large yellow ribbon around it. It’s special, you can feel it. You untie the ribbon, lift the lid, and look inside. What do you see?
Is it that new sweater you’ve always wanted? A new book? A kindle? Could it be keys to a new car that’s parpresentked outside? Look more closely. Go on, you can even reach inside.

That’s odd, you may think. “I don’t feel anything.” Bewildered, you turn the box upside down. Nothing. There is nothing in the box. Oh, you might get upset at first – “what is this, some kind of joke?!?”

But look again. I’ve given you no-thing. I’ve given you space. Space that you can either dismiss or see as the greatest gift that can be given. Then, rather than putting on that new sweater, or holding a new book, you can invite this gift of space inside – inside our head that is over-crowded with thoughts. Try it now. Inhale. Invite the gift of space inside. Pause. Exhale. Release all that you no longer need to hold. Try it again.

The gift of space is more valuable, more precious, and, in our culture, more rare than any thing in this world. It’s yours now.

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  1. Jen

    I got a book recently that reminds me of this. I think you’d enjoy it. It’s a children’s book, but it’s really sweet. It’s called The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell.

    • Denise

      Hi, Jen

      I love that book by Patrick McDonnell! Thanks so much for sharing. Patrick also created one of my favorite comic strips – “Mutts” – Thanks again for the recommendation.


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