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I Met Myself Descending

I Met Myself Descending

When you’re in a swimming pool, and you really don’t know how to swim, it’s only when you hit the bottom that you can push yourself back to the surface. That’s how life feels sometimes.

descendHow can I change my mind about the world around me and invite a bigger view of the world in.

What do I want to do? What happens if I fail? What happens if I succeed? What happens if I do nothing?

So Beautiful. So What.

So Beautiful. So What.

full moon Imagine a full moon. Bright orange, heavy in the sky. It’s one of those moons where you feel you can reach out and touch it. “Wow, look at the moon!” you might exclaim to the person next to you. And they glance, and kind of grunt “yeah”.

Now imagine standing on the beach with the ocean stretching far in front of you. You hear and see the tide coming in….the tide going out. Magnificent. There is something about the ocean tides that help people release all stress. Now imagine the life in that ocean. If you’ve ever been snorkeling or scuba diving, you know there is so much more just beneath the surface that we never see until we make an effort to look.

Now see your breath. In and out. In and out. In tune with the tide.

Many people never even notice a full moon. Some people who live near the ocean take it for granted. We often fail to connect the dots between the life force that keeps the moon in the sky, that causes the tides to go in and out, that allows us to breathe. And we forget to connect those dots with the vision staring back from the mirror each day. It’s in us, too, you know.

“Yeah it’s beautiful”, we might say. Or we may really appreciate it and be in awe. “It’s AMAZING! Wow!” And the next minute we say, “Oh crap, I forgot that deadline, and I still have to do ________ (we can fill in the blank)”.

And so it goes. And so we go.

A Woman’s Worth

A Woman’s Worth

We wear our pain in the lines on our face; the sometimes far-away look in our eye.

White women are quickly becoming the forgotten gender – except, of course, for sex.

A Woman's WorthNow that we have a black male President, I think white women have the right to rebel; to throw things; to yell, to punch, to say “what the fuck.”

But we won’t. We’ll keep moving ahead the best we can.

You know who we are. Look in our eyes. We are more alive, more free, and more wild than we appear. But we don’t know how to shake off the air of reserve that we’ve been taught to carry for so long.

The most important first step is to acknowledge every level of your being – be a saint, and love her. Be a slut, and love her. Be a professor, a student, a wife, a mother, a dreamer. BE.

The most empowering book I’ve ever read on this subject is Marianne Williamson’s “A Woman’s Worth” – whom obviously gets all credit for the title of this post.

We are all struggling under the weight of something heavy. Live free and support your fellow women.

Jerry Seinfeld Saved my Business

Jerry Seinfeld Saved my Business

Have you ever taken on a task that you didn’t think you could handle?

  • Maybe you ran a marathon.
  • Maybe you started your own business.
  • Maybe you signed your first 30-year mortgage.

Remember the initial fear? How am I ever going to do this? How am I ever going to make it work? Remember all of the obstacles you faced? Remember all the questions you had?

And, of course, there were no answers to these questions. But, there you were, in the deep end of the pool, and all you can do is learn to swim or drown.

SeinfeldWhat does this have to do with Seinfeld? Do you remember the episode where George Castanza (Jason Alexander) and Jerry are sitting in Jerry’s apartment, and George says, “I think that ginger ale at the coffee shop is just Coke and Sprite mixed together. How can I prove it? (a few seconds pass) Ah! Can’t, dammit.” (more…)

Why are we afraid?

Why are we afraid?

scaredSometimes I’m afraid of not having enough money. Sometimes I’m afraid of not living up to my full potential. Sometimes I’m afraid of trying to grow my own business.

And yet, I truly believe that my life is blessed (as is all life). I marvel at the baby birds being fed by their parents, and the beautiful flowers in bloom. I believe that I’m guided by a force far greater than the thoughts that are floating around in my head.

But, if I’m truly guided by a force (I call this energy God, but in my mind, this is not a religious affiliation) – If I truly believe this, why am I afraid? Why do I fear anything? Melissa Etheridge sings “where is your faith, and where do you put your fear?” I put my fear in “not being or having enough”. I put my faith in ‘God’. Why do I sometimes feed my fear more than my faith?

What about you? Can you relate?