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April 3, 2024

Since I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer. I am a writer now. I’m writing this paragraph, aren’t I? Yet, I keep finding distractions. I am putting the final touches on a small company’s website that I designed. I’m proud of it, and hope it is useful for their customers. <p>Every weekday, I show up for my writing class. I don’t always write my book, but I show up. I’m working on showing up. It’s a start.

Feb. 15, 2024

After the most amazingly wonderful birthday surprise visit from my twin and her husband, I am now re-focusing my efforts on writing my first book. I’m so excited to create something that could, hopefully, resonate with other women who are struggling to do the best they can.

In addition to writing, I’ve also been having a lot of fun cooking. For our birthday, rather than going to a fancy Italian restaurant, we decided to make our own homemade ravioli. It was so fun, and so delicious! The next day, we made homemade pizza! The wine we enjoyed was from a local winery called Pheasant Court – there is no link, because, sadly, they are no longer selling commercially. However, the owners are such incredible people, that they allowed Caroline and me to be members of their “Vin Cru” and this year, we will be able to assist in making our own homemade Malbec, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon with grapes sourced from Walla Walla, WA.

Caroline and I go on our walks around the block every day, and on most days, we count more deer than people. We love living in this natural wilderness of Corvallis, Oregon.


(Thank you Derek Sivers for the inspiration for the NOW page; Make your own Now.)

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